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Engagement Photos are here!

You can see our engagement photos by clicking HERE

We have a photographer!

Lyle has confirmed that he will be available to photograph our wedding.  Lyle's work is both creative and flexible.  I've seen samples of his work and its amazing how well he captures the fun and joy of someone's  wedding day. He also makes it easy for you to hold onto those memories with great pricing and a very cooperative attitude.  I look forward to working with him on our wedding day.

The invitations are done.

Kristi Thorton finished up the last of our wedding invitations this past week and we are very pleased with her work.  She provided us with the most beautiful invitations we could ask for.  Kristi was able to turn our design into a reality.  She worked very closely with us on all the details and was able to create professional looking cards without the exorbitant cost.  Thanks Kristi for helping us get one more thing checked off our list.  Now we just need to address them and we'll be ready to mail them out.

Thank you!

Luke and I would like to give a special "Thank you" to my parents, Terry and Rene' Iverson. They have generously helped with the planning of our wedding to make our day the most beautiful and stress-free occassion possible. Their contributions have way surpased our expectations and we are utterly grateful. To have parents who take joy in their daughter's life and actively participating in planning our wedding is not only a blessing, but also a great comfort.

Thank you both, you guys rock!