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Engagement Photos!

The engagement photos are now online.  Click HERE to see the gallery of photos.

Lyle has confirmed that he will be available to photograph our wedding.  Lyle's work is both creative and flexible.  I've seen samples of his work and its amazing how well he captures the fun and joy of someone's wedding day. He also makes it easy for you to hold onto those memories with great pricing and a very cooperative attitude.  I look forward to working with him on our wedding day.  

Luke and Julia at a friend's wedding in Flinn Springs Park - July 17, 2004. This is a candid photo by Lyle, to give you an idea of his work.

Luke and Julia at a friend's wedding  August 14th, 2004.

Luke and Julia fellowshiping with our Kaleo friends at  BJ's in La Mesa.

Luke and Julia at Grace's birthday party.

We wanted someone who could capture the emotion and wonder of our wedding day so that twenty years from now, the pictures will still have the same impact on us as the day we were married.  We want to show the joy and excitement of two people brought together by the sovereignty of God in the presence of their friends and family.