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RegistryWe are registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  You can go to your local store or visit them online to see our registry.  You may also enjoy reading the Ideas and Advice page on their site.

I must warn you that the list can be quite daunting.  The staff recomended that we register for 2-3 times the number of guests and to include a wide range of items.  They reminded us that we don't want our last minute guests to have to choose between an egg timer and a pack of light bulbs.  Another tip was that some people are looking to give "pretty" gifts while others are looking for the big ticket item and others still will focus on practical gifts.  Hopefully, we've covered all our bases.  One of the other tips they gave us was to register for boxed sets as well as individual items.  This builds in flexability with our list and we all could use an extra pan now and then so duplicates are not an issue. 

There were other tips they gave us which we either ignored or implimented but ultimately, this is why the list is so long and ranges from artwork to water pitchers.  I swear we're not crazy - just tired.  Besides, it was fun going around scanning everything we could possibly ever want or need.